yu-lock bolts/nuts

1. According to your design needs: One-time use or re-use locking fasteners.

2. More attention to your safety and efficiency.

3. Compliance with international norms.


一、One-time use

1. The adhesive comes from the popular leaders, ex. 3M.

2. The shelf life of chemical adhesive cladding parts is 2 years under the controlled conditions.

3. The pre-coating method allows you to pick up and use it right now.

4. Comply with standards. (IFI 125, DIN267-27, etc.)

二、re-use locking

1. Apply to prevent loosing after tightening the screws.

2. You can re-use 3~5 times, and the screws still keep the functions.

3. The shelf life of Nylon cladding parts is more than 10 years.

4. Comply with standards. (IFI 124, DIN267-28, etc.)